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7 Tips For Choosing A Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company is one of the most important decisions you can make during the moving process. A moving company can literally make or break your entire move.

Here are some very helpful tips to make sure you choose the best moving company for the job.

1. Make Sure They’re Licensed

In most states, movers must be licensed in order to provide residential local moving services.

2. Check Reviews & Reputation

You can get a good sense of how good a moving company is by simply checking their reviews online. Do a simple Google search of the name of your moving company and location and find their profiles on sites like Google or Yelp. Just make sure you’re finding the correct listings, since some moving company names are similar to others. Also make sure to actually read the reviews for the best understanding of how good or bad the moving company is.

3. Watch Out For Scam Movers

Good moving companies are typically easy to find online through a simple Google search. If it’s difficult to find the moving company online or they seem a bit obscure, be careful. Good moving companies are not afraid of transparency when it comes to their online reputation.

4. Look For Attention To Detail

Movers who are very detailed when quoting your move will likely be able to do that job at the amount they propose. It will also lessen the likelihood of any surprises during the move.

5. Ask Questions

A good moving company won’t be afraid to answer any questions you may have. Write a list of questions you might have to ask your contending movers.

6. Make Sure They Have The Services You Need

Not all moving companies provide the exact same services. While most moving companies provide household moving services, not all movers provide commercial services, storage, packing services, piano moving services or other specialty services that you might require. Make sure you ask your moving company about any special services you might need.

7. Compare Your Moving Estimates

When comparing moving estimates, it is common for most people to just to look at only the prices at the bottom of the quotes, but BE CAREFUL. Anything that is included in your move should be listed on the estimate including the detailed inventory, packing of boxes, stairs etc

The more detailed the quote, the more likely the movers will be able to do the job for the quoted price. It’s up to you to make sure you are completely open and detailed yourself with all the items you have and the services you require.

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