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9 Things To Do Before The Movers Arrive

Successful moves always start with preparation. The more prepared you are, the better the chance of avoiding mishaps that commonly happen during last-minute decisions. This can cost you money as well as create a big headache for you on move day.

1. Review Your Moving Contract

It’s best to thoroughly review and re-read your moving contract or bill of lading to make sure that all the necessary services you require are accounted for. Make sure the moving dates are correct, addresses, and all of the other details. Any questions you have, make sure to give your moving company a call.

2. Get Rid Of Everything You’re Not Moving

Before the movers arrive, make sure any items you wish not to move are either disposed of or put aside so the movers know not to move them.

3. Pack Early

If you’re packing yourself, it’s best to start packing as soon as possible and know how to prepare for a move. It’s likely that you have more stuff than you realize, so make sure you start packing as early as possible to avoid having to do everything in one day. Knowing properly how to pack moving boxes is very helpful in this step.

4. Gather And Move Your Small Valuables Yourself

Even before you hire a moving company, it’s very important to gather all jewelry, cash, small electronics, and other valuable items and put them in a safe place. Movers have no liability when it comes to these items. It’s your responsibility to make sure all your valuables are gathered up and taken with you.

5. Make Plans For Children & Pets On Moving Day

The last thing you want is kids or animals running around getting in the way of the movers. This is very unsafe for everyone involved in the move. Make sure you’ve lined up a babysitter or pet sitter for move day.

6. Be There and Available On Moving Day

One of the most important things to do is to be there on moving day. You’re not required to do any of the moving, but when the crews have any questions about the placement of items or other various things, you or somebody needs to be there to answer these questions.

7. Prepare For The Movers Arrival

To actually prepare for the arrival of the movers, you’ll need to make sure all your items are packed and ready to be moved. You’ll also need to make sure your sprinklers are off, there is available parking for the moving truck, and the pathways are clear.

8. Prepare Your Appliances

In most situations, unless we have already accepted this as our responsibility, it’s your responsibility to disconnect and reconnect any washers and dryers on move day. It is also your duty to unplug your refrigerator and freezers 24 hours before the move.

9. Turn Off Your Sprinklers

One of the most common things people forget is to turn off the sprinklers before the movers arrive.

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