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What not to pack?

Your packers and movers team would be doing most of the packing and loading. However, you cannot just let them begin the process without you analysing what to pack and what to leave behind. The first step is to secure all the essential documents, valuables, and other items you wish to take with you rather than in the transit vehicle. Then, after moving into your new house, arrange these first in a wardrobe or cupboard and lock them. It is unsafe to assume every single worker in your home is reliable and honest.

The next step is choosing the items you prefer to leave behind. It could be tedious work to decide which items to throw away and which ones to pack. However, it makes no sense to carry all your hoards to your new home and store it there.

Your moving company will not take certain items in the transit trucks. Such items include chemicals, heirlooms, antique items, firearms, plants, pets, and more. Make arrangements for the same. Sometimes, you can get special permits to transport these restricted items. Talk to your service provider to know whether they will assist in this process or get started with the permit or license procurement phase.

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